Vanguard IDE


Enter Vanguard

After many years as Windows user, I decided to switch over to MacOS more than a year ago. On Windows, I have always used Visual Studio as main development tool and as you can imagine, the switch was not painless. I tried out many different IDE‘s. Even though many editors are quite competent, there was always some feature I was missing or worked in a, for me, unsatisfactory fashion. Which in turn itched a lot…and when it itches – I must scratch back!

So I decided to write my own IDEVanguard.


As a developer, I use a variety of tools on regular basis. Many of these tools are possible to mimic with web-browser technologies. The only problem is the issues cross-browser compatibility brings. To overcome these issues, I have decided to build them into Vanguard in Chrome compatible mode – package and distribute my solution with CEF as foundation.

Interface & Experience

Simple interface isn’t easy.
When programming, a developers primary concern is to write resilient algorithms. Nothing else matters and the tool the developer uses should be distraction-free and facilitate focus on the current task. This idea is the blueprint and has influenced both the interface and experience of Vanguard IDE. The code being written is “the lead and only star of the movie” that is plaing in Vanguard IDE.